14th…. and the new entry

Woo… it’s 4am in Singapore now. I’m not in bed again… because it a thursday night… meaning (drum roll) results for spoonflower’s fabric of the week contest had been announced!

“A whimsical Vacation” had gotten 14th in position! The competition for this round was strong, with many amazing entries and I myself had voted for 18 entries in a go!

To speak the truth, although this piece of illustration was a breakthrough for me and as much as I enjoyed creating it, I wasn’t sure if it reflected my style or if it would be well-received. I wondered if I should had taken the safer route of designing an entry which holds a similar style with “A Nostalgic Voyage” that landed itself in top ten 2 weeks ago. Still, I decided to give it a chance… and it is heartening to know that it was liked by three hundred over people in the community! 🙂  As cliche as this may sound… I was right to follow my heart!

I might have become a little too obsessed with finding my style lately. But rightfully, as a fledgling surface designer I should not be afraid to experiment, explore and not get fixated in any way. In fact… it is only through having fun will I eventually find a voice, in which I’m happy to call, my own 🙂

Last but not least…I shall end this post with my latest pattern for this week’s “Supplies” contest. I SHOULD really go to bed now… goofd night *rub eyes* 😉

“Pretty Basics”


  1. That’s great Sylvia!! I LOVE the colors too :))

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for visiting and also for your lovely comments!! 😀

  2. Sylvia- I can’t begin to tell you how EXCITED I am for you and your successes! Keep following that heart… it is a good one! xKFSx ( aka Melinda- trying out the new “brand signature” *smile)

  3. Thanks a million Melinda for your kind words and for dropping by my site! An artist’s journey can be lonely sometimes so it really warmed my heart to hear a word of encouragement from you. I am eager to hear more updates from you and hope you’ll join me for more spoonflower comps to come 😀 x

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