“Back to school” SF contest results and my latest collection

It’s the time of the week again when Spoonflower announces the weekly contest results… I thought I just did a post on the last one not long ago.. this is just how fast time flies!

“Pretty Basics” gained 18th position out of 171 entries… Lady luck its definitely smiling upon me this time as I did not have much time to spare designing this entry. Guess I better be bucking up on my time management skills for next round. 😛


And finally I have put together my lastest collection “A Whimsical Vacation”. They are all in my spoonflower shop right now (except the one the right which I’ll be listing soon) and when I get my swatches shipped to me for my other 2 fabric, I’ll send these batch for swatch making too.

I thought they’ll make pretty nice fabric material for couches or even as wallpapers if you want a little whimsical feel in your room. Any thoughts on these? Would love to hear your opinions on what you feel they may fit nicely onto. 😀

One comment

  1. […] of the designs, from my favourite “Whimsical Vacation” Collection printed on cotton poplin. Available from Spoonflower here. […]

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