“Dine with me” will ya?

Howdy! How’s everyone been? I’ve been away from blogging this couple of days as I wanted to concentrate on some designing. Nope, not for spoonflower’s contest this week 😉 I’ve decided to take a little break but I may participate again if the right theme comes up.

Presenting my latest collection “Dine with Me“, suitable to be used for gift wraps and greeting cards. I took a slightly longer time to come up with this one as I was having a bit of a creative block at the beginning. As the first 2 designs took shape I was able to come up with the other few pretty quickly.

My inspiration?

Picture this – a romantic home made dinner for a loved one you want to impress… finding the perfect dinnerware, cutlery… ok… matching table mats and coasters, what about a cosy throw over for some nice cuddling afterwards? And yes, exactly which vase to decorate the table.. oh my goodness I’ve forgotten about the desserts! The doorbell will ring anytime! Darn, I guess watermelons will just have to do….

Ok, I admit this is just plain imagination on my side…lol. I have never done this for my husband during our courtship… Not that I didn’t want to, but my culinary abilities are just not anything that would put me in favorable light haha.

p.s. I have since improved, it’s tough not to when you have 2 kids that relies on you for every meal.


  1. Zoe Attwell · · Reply

    These are beautiful Sylvia!

    1. Thank you Zoe! 🙂

  2. Lovely collection Sylvia! Love those colours

    1. Thank you Claire, glad you dropped by! 🙂

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