Favourite Pin Friday

Hello! It’s Pinterest Friday again and for today I am posting one of my favourite pin of the week…  a pin of “something” which I have probably morphed into recently…

Monster!!?? Yes, or rather a MONSTER MOMMY. I have to confess that I am probably very much like one now. For I seem not able to pass a day without screaming at my 2 young boys… for chasing each other around in the house,  for their occasional (or rather daily) squabbles over toys and EVEN remote controls,  for overstretching dinner times and at the elder one for coming up with 5 excuses in a row to scoot off when it’s homework time.

Gah… The ramblings of a mom who loves her children more than herself and yet behaves like a monstrous tiger mom most of the time…

Parenthood is COMPLICATED.

However, this rather cute looking monster did make my day when I chanced upon it just now.
It’s a brilliant piece of work by Jublin. You can find it here on my Pinterest – Illustrations board.

Have a happy monster-free friday everyone! 😉

Anatomy of a Monster by Jublin


  1. Awesome… so delightfully rendered… and it definitely lives up to the expectations that you have set for pattern. I almost thought it was yours at first. (secretly wish it was mine)

    1. I wished it was mine too, really.. 😉 Monster don’t normally make it anywhere near my “likes” list but this one is too good to resist. Now it seems possible to me that scary things could be made better looking. My new aim!

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