Jellyfish Bloom

Jellyfish Bloom by Sylvia Tay

Here’s the design I had submitted for Spoonflower’s contest last week and it’s still up for voting till tomorrow. We had to add your own design onto a Riveria Tee Pattern which was provided as a template and the tee is meant for 7-8 year old little girlies. The theme was “Under the Sea” and I just happen to have an illustrated pattern which fits the theme… so ta-da…! I made the illustration into a 21 x 18″ repeat and it was really cute to see rows and rows of jellyfishes literally “bobbling” up and down my screen!

It’s my first attempt to design tee for a little girl and I had imagine what colours I want my girl to wear (if I have one). Not the usual light pink, nor magenta or purple… something in between and lilac just seems right. 🙂 I had fun adding in details and I was even discussing about the design with my mother-in-law who used to be a seamstress! Since this is the first cut-and-sew pattern I have designed, I am really tempted to buy and make it into a tee eventually… and my son would probably think I am harboring secret plans to dress him up like a girl LOL! 😛

Riveria Tee I Jellyfish Bloom I Sylvia Tay


Updates : 7 Dec

28th place out of 182 entires! 🙂


  1. This design is whimsical without being overly “cute” – there’s a level of sophistication going on.

    Your remarks made me want to see the pattern as a rtiled GIF with a few of the jellies actually bobbing gently. Hmmm….

    1. Love to read your comments Gabriel, as they are usually spot on! 🙂 I’m getting into designing for kids and I do enjoy portraying “cuteness” as long as it’s not overly cute. Likely my character was dictating the outcome, so these keywords “whimsical”, not “overly cute”, “sophistication” as a matter of fact were part of my thought process!

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