“Buttons Galore” Fabric

Hello! Apologies for the lack of posts recently. All is good! I had been very busy with my design business recently as many graphic projects came in after Chinese New Year. I’m not complaining, just kind of overwhelmed with work and also more than a tad bad for having neglected my blog.

I had received my fabric swatches from Spoonflower recently and I would be posting on them randomly. The first 2 are the swatches for my “Buttons Galore” design which I had created early last year. I have a love for buttons since young… and I remember having a fun time just playing with my mom’s button stash when she brings out her sewing kit every time.
So I thought it was cool to have an entire pattern repeat made out of buttons… I’ve tried a few colourways before sending them for printing and the ones on dark background still looks best to me.
Which one do you fancy?

I have a crazy thought that they’ll look good as A line skirts matched with a black or white top..  or as bedspreads, I’m sure it’ll be cute! Any suggestions?

Buttons Galore Fabric by Sylvia_Tay

For sale on Spoonflower:



  1. Wow, these look great! I especially love the blue and orange one and think it would look great as a skirt. Or maybe made up into a little travel sewing kit? I’m imagining something like a tri-fold wallet but with some pockets for needles, spare thread, buttons, etc.

    1. Thank you Cari! Your comments are much appreciated 🙂 A little travel sewing kit is a FAB idea. These would definitely appeal to the crafts market… why haven’t I thought of that? 😉

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