Hello! 🙂

I am a designer from Singapore, with 12 years of experience in the graphic industry and a newly found passion in surface pattern design. I love to create beautiful graphics and patterns and I can plant myself in my chair for the whole day (if my kids allow me) to draw and design.  My style is layered, colourful, graphical and sometimes quirky. I love whimsical designs, especially illustrations from the mid-century and these influences tend to be evident in my work.

I believe in being thankful, being creative and also being determined. When I am not designing, I would most likely be playing with my children (3 & 6). They are my constant source of motivation and they never fail to amaze/inspire me with what’s in their little minds 🙂 I like reading. Books and interior magazines represents a big portion of my processions (besides clothes!).  I love dancing too. If I wasn’t a designer I would probably choose dancing as my career. A perfect afternoon would be just me with my man,  enjoying each other’s company over a nice cup of coffee and watching the world pass us by…

Likes: coffee, cheese cake, vegetables, bossa nova, ballroom rumba, cats, playing lego with the kids, boot cut jeans, windy days, a warm bath, my fleece blanket, mornings when I can laze in bed.

Dislike: broken toenails, bad hair day, meat, interrupted conversations, loud amplifiers, brush script font.

I hope you’ll enjoy my designs and ramblings…

Thank you for visiting and I would be most happy if you decide to say hello or simply swing by again!


One comment

  1. If you haven’t already been before, I’m nominating you for a Beautiful Blogger award. More info is on my own blog, now. Feel free to respond or not, but I sincerely enjoy your blog and gain much inspiration from it. Thank you.

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